About us

About us

Lutèce Food Ingredients is a business unit of Lutèce B.V., one of world’s biggest mushroom processors. Our history goes back to 1910, when our ancestors began to sell mushrooms. In 1955 Lutèce started processing mushrooms themselves and today we have evolved into a major supplier of mushroom products to 60 countries worldwide. A new era has started with the start of Lutèce Food Ingredients, who creates valuable ingredients from mushrooms for the food industry.

Unlocking the power of mushrooms

Mushrooms contain many powerful ingredients. Lutèce Food Ingredients unlocks the power of this unique fungi. One of the first ingredients made and well received within the food industry is a 100% natural flavour enhancer called Finèce and the development of more innovative ingredients is under way.

Controlled supply chain

Lutèce buys its mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) from a selected group of GlobalG.A.P.-certified growers, the all being located in the south of the Netherlands. Six days per week the mushrooms are harvested mechanically and delivered to our factories in refrigerated trucks. After quality inspections they are transferred to cold stores as quickly as possible, where they are cooled further to a temperature of 2 - 4°C until they are processed into preserved mushroom products.


100 % natural flavour enhancer

The blanching water (cooking juice) that arises in the processing of mushrooms contains valuable mushroom components. These are concentrated into a product with flavour enhancing properties. But the mushroom contains more valuable components. Lutèce Food Ingredients “unlocks the power of mushrooms” by developing more innovative ingredients from this unique fungi.

About Lutèce

Lutèce Food Ingredients is a business unit of Lutèce B.V. It is now more than hundred years ago, in 1910, that our ancestors began to sell their first fresh mushrooms. That marked the birth of a great passion for an extraordinary trade. Over the years Lutèce has evolved into the largest supplier of mushroom products in Europe. Its streamlined organisation, continuous improvement processes and advanced quality-monitoring system make them a reliable partner for buyers of the Lutèce brand and private-label products all over the world. Since April 2016 Lutèce is part of Greenyard, a global market leader in fresh and prepared fruits and vegetables, flowers and plants, fresh logistic services and growing media. Lutèce boasts a wide range of mushrooms in jars, tins, buckets and pouches. About 170 competent employees work with great love and care for our mushrooms at our modern production premises in Velden and Horst, the Netherlands. And of course we strictly control the quality of our mushrooms, so as to be able to offer consumers an optimum product. Click here for more information about Lutèce.

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