More taste, less salt

Mushrooms have a deliciously rich, savoury flavour. This is caused by the natural glutamates that give them their deep flavour. They contribute to umami: one of the five basic tastes (next to sweet, sour, bitter and salt). The umami properties of mushrooms are captured in Finèce: a mushroom concentrate that works as a 100% natural flavour enhancer and can be used as a salt reduction tool.

Umami can be translated as “delicious” and described as a pleasant savoury, brothy or meaty taste. The glutamate level in the mushroom increases as it matures from a button to a flat mushroom. Generally speaking, the more mature the mushroom the more umami it contains. These valuable glutamates from mushrooms are captured in our concentrate called Finèce. Finèce can also help in creating a kokumi effect, the newest flavour researchers have defined. Kokumi intensifies other flavour sensations, rounds out the finished product flavour profile, and aids in the consumer perceiving a richness to the food.


Finèce MC60

This liquid mushroom concentrate as flavour enhancer is purely made from our own blanching water. Nothing else is added; it is 100% mushroom juice evaporated into a concentrate. Finèce MC60 is naturally rich in amino acids giving umami taste.

Finèce MC60 is an excellent ingredient for liquid fonds, sauces, gravies and soups. At normal dosages (0.2 - 1.0 %) it is neutral in flavour and does not give any mushroom flavour. Because of the high brix it is easy to store for longer time in conditioned places.

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Finèce MP45

This product is a spray dried flavour enhancer made from our mushroom concentrate, also naturally rich in amino acids giving umami taste.

Finèce MP45 is easy to use in all dry blending applications such as spice mixes, instant soups and ready meals. At normal dosages (0.2-1.0 %) it is neutral in flavour and does not give any mushroom flavour.

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Less meat, more vegetables

The unique composition of mushrooms perfectly fits in the world wide quest for healthy meals that contain less meat.

Based on mushrooms we have developed a tasty alternative for meat and a good addition to the existing vegetarian product store display. Please contact us for further information.


New: Mushrooms to blend

This new ingredient is a versatile ingredient that consists of 100% mushroom, for applications in:

  • Hybrid meat products
  • Vegetarian products
  • Vegan products

It is ready-to-use, you only need to blend it in your recipe.
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